Sunday, October 02, 2005

Talk big

Should I be impressed or should I give the "oh-that's-normal" look when someone tell me...
... how much he had spent on his watch
... that his bicycle is RM5K
... that his new business deals involves profit of several million of dollars
... that he bought the latest technology dive gears
... how much money he has invested in his business
... the amount of handphone bills

and etc etc which got fuzzy to me after a while.

Who the heck care if you own a RM5K bicycle, you still need to peddle it. And realistically, how often do you think u ride the bicycle?

Well, besides materials, he also commented positively on himself. Perhaps I am too negative, but self praise is no praise.

Anyway, I gave the nonchalant look every single time.

I am nice not to tell him that he is braggy, but not that nice that I have to pretend to be wow-ed by the big talks. If I associate him to a particular race, which is generally labelled as braggy/talk big, then I can be so so racist. So, my mouth is zipped. Nope, he is not my boss, if that's what who you are thinking of.

krazie*angel gonna shout "SHOW ME THE MONEY" the next anyone brag


Allyfeel said...

I think he is trying to impress u. kekekeke.

krazie*angel said...

hi allyfeel, somehow i don't buy such talks. but some people brag not to impress but because they lack of self confidence or they over confidence. anyway, i just find it a bit tiring to listen.