Thursday, October 20, 2005

Gathering of the Insomniacs?

What does one do when the everyone he/she know is sleeping away? It is past 3.30am now. Well, all normal people should be snoring away in slumberland. Except me!

I have been awake all night long. Can't sleep. @#$%!&^*!@!

Not only tonite, but most nites. I could have looked younger or have nicer skin if I sleep. I wish :P

I don't feel like watching TV either. Or read. Or surf.

I wish there is a hangout place when everyone who is insomniac can gather around, do something together. I dunno what we can do. Maybe play board games, or simply lying around and complain why we can't sleep.

How many insomniacs are counting the hours or sheeps at this moment? I know I am one of them.

Well, I am going to lie down on my bed with my eyes closed and pretending I am asleep. Even if my mind is awake, I still have to rest this body for tomorrow.

krazie*angel wished for a shopping mall that runs from 12 am - 6 am daily

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