Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My car is ill.

No car for me today. I had to take a cab to work from the car workshop. In a way, I feel handicapped. My car had a problem...well, not that I understood, the mechanic said that my throttle body is spoilt. He actually said, total body, but I think it is throttle body. But I don't know for sure. Anyway, my car has reached the duration where most parts need to be changed.

Last evening, I noticed that my car went vroom, vroom, vroom when I am on neutral or parking gear. I thought something must have pressed on the petrol pedal, perhaps my car carpet. But no, nothing. The RPM went up and down as the car vrooming away. It was weird, my first time facing this problem. Not sure what to do, I called and smsed some friends for help, but no one seems to be free to pick up my calls. Those who picked up know nothing. I called the car workshop and no one pick up the call too.

Well, nothing much I can do, but drove home and hoping nothing will happen. The car jerked as I drove home. I was thankful that I reached home safely.

It is expensive to replace it, so I took the second hand/recond parts. What to do, I am broke. My car service is due too, so I decided to service it at the same time. Plus I have some parts that need to be replaced and serviced. Sigh! I need a lot of money for all these. Thank goodness for credit card.

The mechanic happily consoled me that I was not paying a lot for parts as my car is our good old national Wira. He said I could have paid a bomb if I am driving one of those nice Jappy car.

I had to pick up my car from the workshop after my work. Gotta hitch a ride with my colleague who stay near the workshop.

krazie*angel's next mission is to join AAM, just in case...

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Allyfeel said...

I heard you have to pay a fee to get AAM. Most car insurance company now come with a free toll service. I got Geart Eastern that gave me free 24 hr tol service. It comes with the policy so Free in a way.