Saturday, October 01, 2005

Broke already before this month even begin

It is the 1st of Oct today, and I am already broke. Salary came in and the money dries up like alcohol (not drinking alcohol, you drunkards!) in the open.

Paid my bills - Streamyx, Maxis, Telekom, Tenaga, Astro, Credit Card
Contribution to Kelab Kutu
Gave Mom (Arghh! I still owe papa)
Paid a hutang
Belanja my family at Pizza Uno (they always pay, so I pai seh lah)
Bought a crystal ball and bracelets (hoping to improve my life. better work coz it is not cheap)
Paid for my yoga class

I still need have these pending... chiat lat! *slap forehead*
- Pay Cherub
- Pay for my F language class - new term again
- Give papa
- Petrol (at least 5 x full tanks per month)

And I like a pair of shoes I saw in Vincci. It is a bit expensive. This have to wait or keep in cold storage for a while. Cannot buy anything that I don't need.

Ooops, so many birthdays this month - Bobo, Chinoz, Allyfeel and Metria.

Gosh, I don't seem to have enough money to eat this month. I guess "chap fan" all the way this month.

krazie*angel kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang


Allyfeel said...

Aiyo krazie Angel, don't sound so 'cham' la, you still hv extra for saving le...

krazie*angel said...

actually hor, a bit 'cham' lor... but still have to save coz i never save before. just started to save 4 mths ago. if not, cherub will nag. in fact, every month, sweet almond will remind me. sometimes, chinoz will give me motivation too. so cannot let down my friends and most importantly, my future. or else, i old liow, no money :P

Allyfeel said...

True also la... having extra cash on hand is always better. Money is not everything, but money can do wonders.