Friday, September 30, 2005

My blog

Blogging has been very therapeutic to me in many ways. It has helped me to keep myself occupied when I am idling around. It makes my mind spin a little when I am dulling away. It keeps me realise that I am still alive when I lose meanings in life. It keeps Internet exciting for me when I have nothing else to surf. It kept me company when I feel so lonely and empty. It makes all my insomniac nites bearable. It prevent me from driving around the city in the middle of the nite when I am down.

Through blogging I could express myself and record down things I would like to remember. This blog is where I write about the happier stuff in my life, the less grey sky of mine. Kinda like a junkyard where I store bits and pieces of my memories, thoughts, fantasies and happenings. I tried to be honest and open at all times. Please don't judge me when you know me too well from my posts.

Although writing is not something that I am good at nor enjoy, but blogging so far has done good for me.

I hope by blogging I am not offending anyone or seem like attacking anyone or putting anyone in any unfavourable position. If my blog is not your cup of tea, you are free to abandon it. If you like it, then you must welcome to torture yourself with my nonsense. If you agree with me, make my day and send me a comment to encourage me. If you disagree, make me see the other point of view by sending me your comment.

My previous infamous post had created some fire. For goodness or otherwise, I appreciate all the comments. I guess you commented coz you cared.

I hope I can continue to blog. I hope that blogging will remain something good and right to do.

If I have in anyway offended anyone in this blog, or any other blog I participated in, I would like to apologise. I have no intention whatsoever to cause hurt or anger or pain to anyone.

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