Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Comment # 3 : You think Negatively

I often heard people telling me that I am too positive and too agressive. Always very sure what I wanted. Up to a point, I intimidate some people.

Now, I heard people telling me that I think negatively, especially about myself. That I don't believe I can do the things I want to do.

What had happened to me, really? Well, based on my own self analysis, the old me has fade away, and now I am a mellow new me. Didn't they used to dislike me because of my old self whom some claimed to be bitchy, harsh, direct, temperamental, demanding and arrogant, err... many many more? I seriously thought I changed for the better - less stressful, lower expectation and I don't talk ONLY about work anymore. I begin to have other priorities in life rather than work and achieving work related targets.

Mom was telling me to write a big "I CAN" on my mirror in my bathroom so that I can look at myself and say "I CAN". My cousin said I should answer positively and not negatively.

A friend even told me that I project such negative and low impression of myself, making others perceived me as weak and uninteresting.

Gosh. I am worried for myself. Am I being so negative that I listen to others and begin to think of myself more negatively? Or Am I just really negative?

If I am negative, won't it be good for others to tell me something great about myself so that I can start believing in myself again? Or am I too negative that I became ignorant that people are saying something good about me? Or is it that I am too positive that I refused to listen to other that I am negative.

I think I am just being honest about how I feel about myself, not being negative, but stating what I truly believe about myself based on the results and happenings of myself. Or I have to start believing that nothing is impossible and everything is possible, so I must be positive about myself and about life. Thus, being negative is also a possibility, isn't it?

This positive and negative mindsets are giving me a headache. *ouch*

krazie*angel is negatively positive that she is positively negative. Gosh, did I get it right *headache*

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