Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I want! I want!

I fell in love with a Maltese puppy I saw in a pet shop. I kept thinking of her.

She is about 2 months old, very young and small. She looks rather sad and lonely. When we put our hand on the glass panel, she gladly paw-paw us excitedly. She is so cute, so adorable, like a flush toy. When I placed my face (my cheek) on the glass panel, she rubbed her nose against the glass panel, then she paw-paw me up and down. She is so playful and loving too.

But she is so expensive. The shop is selling her around RM2,700. I can't afford her. Neither I have the space and time for her. We tried to snap some photos with the camera phone but it was blurry.

Anyway, I downloaded some photos of Maltese breed from the Internet. They are equally cute. Don't you love them? How could one resist such a cutie?

krazie*angel goes all melt for the puppy at the window. *woof* *woof*

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