Thursday, September 29, 2005

More on me being THIN

I am in serious trouble. Just yesterday, 4 people told me that I am too thin again.

Person 1:
Cherub saw me for lunch and she was shocked. "krazie*angel, what happened to you? You're so thin, you look so haggard and old!", she claimed.

Person 2:
Boss saw me and shouted. (*pst* - he is always on the over reacting side) "AIYOH! YOU ARE SO THIN, IT IS SO DISGUSTING. WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU. YOU ARE SO THIN LIKE A SNAKE!", he shouted and prolly repeated the statement at least 3 times.

I just looked at him and smile sweetly. Like a snake! Me? What else you expect me to say to this man?

Person 3:
Papa: Eat more. You are too thin.
krazie*angel: (In Mandarin) Err, last time you said I was too fat and you asked me to eat less and exercise more. Now you said I am too thin.
Papa: (In Mandarin) Last time you are fat, but now you are too thin. Eat more.
krazie*angel: ....

Person 4:
V: You are too thin. If you on a bit of flesh, you'll look sexier.
krazie*angel: (point to a chubby girl) Fat like that arr?
V: That is too fat.
krazie*angel: Then you said I am too thin?
V: If you strip you naked and let you wear shorts, and cut your hair short, you will be mistaken as a skinny boy. Get the picture?
krazie*angel: Wah, really arr?

krazie*angel is not thin but slim lah


Metria said...

yes, eat more!! Eat a nasi lemak every morning on my behalf ok!

krazie*angel said...

that is dangerous. besides getting fat, i will get cholesterol too.

u miss nasi lemak bungkus, don't ya, metria?

Anonymous said...

eating is not the solution to gaining her weight back, but being happy and leaving the past behind ... dear u know what i mean.

krazie*angel said...

firstly, i am glad i have a lot of readers in blog, but they all are very shy people as they prefer to remain anonymous.

Hi anonymous, yes you are quite right...don't worry about me, i wanna be happy too.

btw, this is my happier blog.