Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Million Dollar Baby

Last nite was Monday nite and like I have mentioned in my earlier post, I did finished watching the movie "Million Dollar Baby"

It is inspiring, yet very depressing. It was a slow paced movie, yet it is rather captivating. It didn't make me sleepy or bored. It is rather dark and colourless, unlike Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - a hyper colour movie.

It shows how a woman who had an undying determination, positive mind and high spirit no matter how hard she has to toil or how difficult the hurdles are that she has to face. Just so unbearable to see that despite all the effort and the greatness she has poured into making her life better as well as to those around her, she was reduced to nothingness where she was paralysed. Her state of health slowly take away her feet which was swollen with gangrene.

She wanted to end her life, not because she gave up hope, but she knew she had done what she had never dreamed of. She had made it and had been there. She want to remember it before she couldn't anymore.

She was a fighter. But at the end, all of hers are taken away from her. It was wrong to end one's life, but in this movie, it justified why she should end her life. You will want to do that for her, to save her from the loss of dignity against her own will and in grace for her.

The movie is deeper than what is shown. The mystery of human spirit - the power, the weakness and the reason that drives human to do the impossible in adversity.

You have to watch the movie to experience human spirit - the hope, the will, the determination. I believe each one of us will inteprete the movie differently. Some of us might find it depressing, some will find it inspiring. Your call. Your say.

Hillary Swank is a fantastic actress and she deserves the credit.

krazie*angel's next movie is State Garden. Anyone has the DVD?

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