Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bday, Class, Dinner, etc etc

Today is just like any other day, but I have quite a fair bit of stuff to do. Let me see note down my today.

Today is Miki-C's birthday, so we sent her a dedication in our other blog. Happy Birthday to you, Miki-C. Hope you had a great day and a wonderful year ahead.

This morning, mom made me bread with crispy chicken floss and shreded cucumber. 4 big pieces. I normally skip breakfast but how to say no to mom whom has taken the trouble to make breakfast? But I only took 3 pieces. It was a lot!

This morning, my colleague brought me a bowl of rice with mixed stuff - small pieces of lup cheong, carrot, dried shrimp and french beans. I ate it coz she said cannot keep till afternoon. So I ate it there and then.

I also decided to eat mom's bread after the rice so that I will be too full to eat lunch. For lunch I ate mango only. RM2 for one packet of unripe mango!

This evening, I have my F language class. I am getting a bit bored with these classes. I have been having at least 3 evening classes per week for the past 1 year. And I barely half way there. Just 1/4 of the journey to mastering the stupid F language at the moment.

Tonite, I am required to attend a dinner organised by MOH at Sheraton Subang. I am most relunctant to go but my boss' PA kept insisting and she sorta pressuring me by saying that my boss instructed me to go. "You must go. Boss said you must go." she would say. So I will have to rush there after my class tonite. How troublesome. Furthermore, I am not dressed for the occassion. How lah!?

I got a lot of homeworks pending for my F language class. But I am so lazy to move my butt. So leceh and susah! Arghh! I am going to class and tell the teacher that I am too lazy to do it. The most I will promise my teacher that I will submit it next week. Sigh! Remind me of schooldays. How boring!

Tonite, I hope to see bman. Let's see how, but I think most probably not. This evening is way too occupied. Otherwise, I can call him and we can chat over the phone when I get home tonite. So, at this moment, the best I can do is to hope to see him tomorrow. Absence make the heart grow fonder, that's for sure. I miss him a lot.

krazie*angel desperately needs a good excuse for not attending dinner

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