Thursday, September 08, 2005

I gave in to mooncakes will was weak last nite. I was at KL Plaza, window shopping and there, nice booths in the center court selling mooncakes. They are everywhere.

I walked around admiring all the delicious mooncakes. So many varieties beyond your imagination. Finally, I succumbed to the sweet talking of the promoters of mooncakes and I bought 4 pieces of mooncakes that cost me around RM36 which consists of 1 piece of Low Sugar Gingko Lotus Paste with 1 Yolk, 1 piece of Red Bean, 1 piece of Tiramisu and 1 piece of Mocha.

And yes, they came with one nice wooden box which the promoter claimed was free. Free, my foot, I am so sure it has been costed into each and every pieces of mooncakes. I

I have yet to eat them. Maybe I will share the Gingko and Red Bean with mom when she return to stay with me again next week and the Tiramisu and Mocha with bman coz he likes coffee.

krazie*angel can't wait to dig her fingers into her mooncakes

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