Monday, September 26, 2005

Comment # 2 : Too thin

I used to have round bulging tummy. People would tell me that my tummy are big and I have to do sit ups to flatten my tummy. It was awful. Even my mom and dad will asked me to reduce my food intake and exercise. I must admit that my tummy was quite obviously round and big.

Now, I lost it. No more tummy. I can wear into those body hugging t-shirt without getting worried if my tummy is obvious. But most of my pants are getting a bit too loose for me now. But I still wear them, just need to pull them up once in a while :P

I have heard at least 5 people telling me now that I am too thin and I need to gain weight. Am I that skinny arr?

Some even said I will look haggard if I am too thin. I think so especially if your cheeks sunken in due to less fat on the face.

I am so sure if I eat and eat and eat, the only place that will grow will be my tummy. So how?

Thin or tummy? Err, I chose thin.

krazie*angel's tip on losing your waistline - lose your apetite!

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