Sunday, September 11, 2005

Double dose of "Millions"

Slept late again last nite. I am an insomniac nutcase. Bman cancelled his appointment to meet me earlier and I am a bit upset. But as consolation, he promised to meet me tomorrow late afternoon. I am looking forward to that.

Since I am not working on Sunday, I decided to watch a dvd which I bought at Sg Wang yesterday. It was a British movie called "Millions". Quite nice, those heartwarming with nice cute kids type of movies. Good for my state of emotion coz it can inject some positiveness into me.

After the movie, I am still so awake. So I decide to watch another movie...also with million in its title - "Million Dollar Baby". Also another inspiring movie, but somehow, I lost interest and stopped watching it halfway. Perhaps there is no good looking actor or actress in the movie. Will resume it again on Monday nite.

As of now, I am unsure if I should go to church or just skipped it. I could invite Chinoz to come along with me to the book fair in Alliance Francaise. Err, I choose to go to the book fair. I wanna see if I can get any second hand French movies or cheap easy reading French books.

Alrighty then, gotta go and get ready.

krazie*angel says sorry to God for skipping church. Please don't punish me, k?

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