Monday, September 12, 2005

Petaling Street under raid

Once in a while, it is nice to jalan-jalan at Petaling Street.

Most time, I dislike going there because it is always packed with humans, sweaty humans, to be precise. The lane in between stalls are really narrow and you can't help but rubbing against each other. And when you are out of the crazy narrow lanes, you are also sweating and had bought a few things that you don't really need, or some dvds that they claimed to be clear which are never clear.

Last evening, me and bman passed by the area and decided to take a walk there. It was quite a different sight from the usual busy Petaling Street. A lot of stalls were not there. There were not much people too. Apparently, there was a raid for any fake or imitation goods, be it handbags, t-shirts, watches, dvds, glasses, etc for 10 consecutive days. Last nite was the 3rd day.

So, there wasn't much to see. Bman bought me a fake Gucci handbag. It was nice and big. I like big handbags where I can throw everything in it. I bargained the price down to 50%. The lady claimed that it was made of genuine leather but it wasn't. Got cheated. It was not enough lighting to check if the leather is genuine. Should have tested it with a lighter. But anyway, it is a gift from bman and I am happy. I am using it already. Nice.

My colleague told me that you can also get TOD's imitation handbag there. She found one which she likes but did not buy it then. Well, don't go to Petaling Street these few days. Go again in October when the raid is over and business is back as usual.

krazie*angel should have bargained down to 75% for the handbag. Sigh! Too late.

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