Thursday, September 29, 2005

Atypical love story

Based on the script from the movie, Van Helsing, I concocted it a bit so that it can fit into a totally different plot and scene of atypical love movie.

B, the hero and J, the heroine fell madly in love. They have the most romantic and loving moments that could melt any heart. They both went through all kind of problems you could possibly think of. Break-ups, separation, secrecy, jealousy, anger, fights, battle of words, insanity, family's objection and sadness - they have braced and gone through all of them. These only made their love for each other stronger, so thought J. But B's love for J is dying slowly.

One sad day, B told J that he wanna end their relationship as he know that they are never meant to be together, so thought B.

Three months later, B had moved on and let go while J had foolishly hanging on and unwilling to let go, hoping that a miracle would happen to bring them back together again.

Briefly a few more months later, B is getting married to someone else he barely know, an arranged marriage. He is now looking forward to building a new life with his new wife. Soon they will have a new family. J cried every tears she had every night when she learnt the news. She died the day she learnt the news. Now J is an empty space.

One rainy day, with thunder and lightning, they met for the final time. This is what they spoke to each other.

B: For me this is all personal. It's all about family and honor. Why do you do it? What do you hope to get out of it?
J: Oh, I don't know. Maybe some self-realization.
B: And what have you got out of it so far?
J: Nightmares.


Anonymous said...

J wrote "One sad day, B told J that he wanna end their relationship as he know that they are never meant to be together, so thought B."

Listen world, this is not the whole truth. It didn't happen out of sudden in "one sad day". It took long long time for B to reach that decision. But J is not willing to tell the whole truth. For example, she didn't say that she is the one who decided to break up with B 2 years ago. I guess it was "one happy day" for her when she wanted to break up with B at that time.

J wrote "But B's love for J is dying slowly."

J told B that even when she broke up with him that she still love him. She even told him that she loved him and the other guy at the same time. She has what it takes to love more than one person at a time. B can never understand that. And now it's up to you dear reader to tell J if it is possible to love two persons in the same time.

If we believe that it's possible for J to love B and the other guy at the same time, wouldn't it be possible for B to stay in love with J and be in love with his wife at a time? If J's argument is true, then B should be able to do so. Or is that argument only valid for J and not for any other person on planet earth.

krazie*angel said...

Don't worry, anonymous... I am planning on a next post which will add all the dramas.

If you read para 2, you will see that I have been hinting on all the problems that B & J has been facing, which will be revealed in the later post.

"They both went through all kind of problems you could possibly think of. Break-ups, separation, secrecy, jealousy, anger, fights, battle of words, insanity, family's objection and sadness - they have braced and gone through all of them. "

BTW, maybe you would like to write the story and I'll post it up here... just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

B should accept J wholeheartedly if
1. J repented and loyal to B now
2. B still loves J
Everyone made mistake.

Anonymous said...

B is so chauvinistic. It’s been years already since it happened and you can’t even forgive.
Everyone makes mistakes. I am just wondering can you love, if you can’t forgive?

J, I think you deserve someone better. Don’t waste your time. Your life is gonna be even tougher ahead with B whom has such a narrow heart; whom doesn’t know what love is.

Anonymous said...

J should realize that it's fated that B is not her chosen ONE. It seems clearly that either B try to mess around with J's feeling or B is really a 'psycho' love killer. Sink together with B or long live J! The choice is yours still. Don't always wait for a miracle to come coz sometimes it ain't a miracle lies beneath. Yeah! Love do hurt but don't die coz of love. This is ain't Romeo & Juliet never ending story. Think about it and J.... really mean it...please do think about it.

God's Lamb said...

Love produces forgiveness in you. The love of Christ is a forgiving love. By forgiving your awful sins, God shows His love toward you. Now you have a responsibility to forgive others. You must forgive the sins and mistakes of your loved ones. How can you love without forgiving? How can you forgive without love? You must not only forgive—do it with a humble heart. With a true spirit of humility realize that you are a sinner too. Forgiving others without humility can often result in pride.

Anonymous said...

I guess it's your say now J. People said what they think based on your "A typical love story" which is far from being complete or fair. Most of the stuff you claimed B said is your own opinion. B never said things like that. For example J wrote “One sad day, B told J that he wanna end their relationship as he know that they are never meant to be together, so thought B.” B never said such a thing.

One anonymous wrote "J, I think you deserve someone better. Don’t waste your time." Well, FYI dear anonymous, that’s exactly what B told J many times. B thinks J deserves the best and he doesn’t want to waste her time, hence the break up.

B forgave J long time ago, but he can't forget what happened. This is a humanly reaction. People forgive but they seem to have difficulty to forget. And because B can't forget he decided to break up with J. He thinks their relationship won't be a healthy one if he can't forget. What had happened is impossible to forget.

StrEeT pOinT said...

"Everyone make mistake" and "Nobody's perfect" are commonly used to make one less guilty. 'Hey!I'm only human.' Yeah, human make mistakes so what? 'To err is human, to forgive is divine?'

Forgiveness is a metaphor of 'who cares if mistakes had happen, I need to live, man!' Since the creation of human being, since Adam and Eve came to earth for the mistakes they did and still had the forgiveness from the Almighty. Yet, the results of the mistakes ain't gone. Scars remain though we have plastic surgery nowadays. Huh! Plastics, bio-degradable? To forgive may sound easy (to some people!) and to forget, a bit hard huh. Says who? Anonymous? ‘There’s a way if there’s a will’. Fill your precious time with lots of activities. Don’t you have any other friends, B? Poor you…

If what have been written here is totally based on J’s ‘A typical love story’ then why can’t B post his ‘An epic of a lovebird’? Dare not to write coz it gives B chances to blame on J. Thumbs up for B. Hence, it shows how cruel you are, B. If B thinks that J deserves a better-half then B should stop scratching J’s back. Give it up B. Let J live her life on her own way. Why bother? Does it mean B still care for J? Or it’s just a sinful moment for B to distract J’s life? So many questions with so li’l answer…….

Anonymous said...

J would give up everything for one moment with B;for one moment is better than a life time of never knowing B." B when you love somebody, there's no such thing as loving a little but loving all the way. Love may not ask you to give up your life, but it will require lots of sacrifies ...
B, people need love the most when they deserve it the least, it applies to J as well!

Anonymous said...

J, i think enough is enough. I have seenyou cry too many times for B. While I did support you in your previous reasons for staying by B, i now retract that support. B is just making up too many excuses. If he loves u, period. No forgiveness or forgetting or persuasion needed. Isnt that what love is? We all make mistakes. I have been with my hubby for 10 years and along the way, we have our own mistakes. And we do not express that we love each other everyday and live may not be perfect. But deep down, we love each other. So if B really loves u, what are hurdles anyways. Love yourself J, like i love u. You dont deserve unhappiness. It pains me to see your face with skin and bones only. Love yourself more!

krazie*angel said...

Dear Anonymous(s),

Thanks for all the comments. This is the first time my blog received so much comment on a post.

I (krazie*angel) wrote the story partially based on personal experience and I also made it a bit fairy tale like. For e.g. that part where thunder and lightning never took place at all.

I guess what 1st Anonymous' comment is that he want me to narrate the love story based on the actual events.

To set the record straight, based on the actual event, I guess it will need a new post. Not sure if all of you are interested in the story based on the actual happenings. If you are, then I will blog, otherwise, I won't. However, the story will definitely be my side of story. And like every story, there is always right and wrong on both sides.

Yes, I admit that J did left B for another guy, which cause a lot of trouble in J&B's relationship. J left B because she lost faith in B when there is minimal communication when B went home for 1 year.

But I must also say for the 1 year plus, J had put all her heart and soul to gain the trust and love of B again. J gave her all to ensure that her relationship with B will work.

What anonymous said is true that B had told J that he cannot forget altho he had forgiven J. But J had been silly to think that love will prevails and that eventually, B will forget and they would live happily ever after. J just try harder and harder to make everything wonderful between both of them. Trust me, J knew that it was her mistake to leave B and she is doing all that she can to make it all up to B.

But I guess, no matter what J had done and can do, B can't forget the incident. J can only blame herself for now and no matter how she had tried, she can't seem to be able to let B go. J is still very much in love with B and still hoping. Silly and foolish, I know, but who can say what is right and wrong when it comes to matter of the heart.

Reading all the comments that are adverse to B does make J sad. B has been good to J in many ways. And for that, J will always appreciate B.

BTW, my other posts are nice too, so please comment there too lah.

StrEeT pOinT said...

Dear J,

There's no right or wrong when it comes to heart (feelings, I guess). We have to move on. If the 'heart' spoilt, make an operation for heart surgery. Though it won't work as what God's has given to us at 1st place yet He still want us to live along, right?

Why wait for uncertainty and unforgetable moments? We live today b'coz we learned from yesterday. We may live tomorrow if we manage to survive today.

Note: Just a lil' silly point from the street.

Anonymous said...

For the record:
B didn't start this blog.
B never said a single bad word bout J.
B is not "scratching J’s back".
B is not trying “to mess around with J's feeling”.
B is not trying to “distract J’s life”.
B is only asking J to let go.
B just wants to leave in peace.

But if what were said here about B are true, then J has all the reasons to let go of him. And that's basically what B is asking.

J if you need one reason to let go, here you have half a dozen. They said:
"B is so chauvinistic."
"B whom has such a narrow heart; whom doesn’t know what love is."
“B try to mess around with J's feeling or B is really a 'psycho' love killer.”
“it shows how cruel you are, B.”
“B should stop scratching J’s back.”
“Or it’s just a sinful moment for B to distract J’s life?”
“B is just making up too many excuses.”

Bottom line is, B wants out, J is not able to let go.

StrEeT pOinT said...

Dear B,

You may not the one who started 'typing' this blog. Hell yeah! But you put a comment in it thus it makes you just no different. People will perceive as what they believe and there's no wrong for you to be deffensive.

Be real dude! If you really wanna let J go, then let her go. No matter how hard for J to let you go. Do you know the phrase 'action speaks louder than words'? I have no further explaination on that.

Note: Case adjourned.