Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Clumsy me.

What a clumsy me today!

Today at lunch, I decided to eat fruits only coz I had little apetite. When I was about to pay, I dropped some of my guavas on the floor as I was searching for coins in my wallet. When I tried to save the remaining guavas in the plastic, I dropped all my coins in my wallet.

Wah lau weh, so embarassing. The place was crowded and I guessed no one appreciate one clumsy girl blocking the way. Everyone just stared at me. Inside, I wanted to say, "Wei, help lah, see what!?" but me, with the heart of a chicken, just smiled sheepishly and picked up all my coins on the floor.

That's not it. When I went to my office, while I was enjoying my papaya, suddenly one piece fell and landed on my shirt. Aiyoh! Had to clean it before it stain my shirt.

I think today my mind is elsewhere. Only my empty head is attached to my neck. Actually, everyday also like that.

krazie*angel hope clumsy things don't come in three. Two is enough

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