Saturday, September 10, 2005

Can't sleep.

I can't sleep. It's 2.41am now. I surfed and there are so many things in the Internet but I am not sure what I wanna see. Stole some nice artworks from a deviantart site.

Both my kidneys are feeling sore now. Yikes.

I have been popping Poifull Jelly Beans to keep me un-bored. So so yummy. Mmm... sweet too and they explodes in your mouth with a nice light fruity taste. Love 'em. I gotta stop otherwise I might be diabetic tonite. But it is so addictive. I have to stop buying them.

I have also been drinking water and wee-wee all evening. I think I flushed the toilet way too many times by now. When there is nothing to do at home, I am all alone and awake while others are in slumberland, I realise that I tend to wee-wee a lot of times.

I gotta sleep. Got class tomorrow morning at 9am. As usual, I have yet to do my homework. I am so lazy. Not doing homework was what I was good at during my schooldays. Bad habits never dies, do they?

I can confirm now that I had a boring, lonely and bland Friday.

krazie*angel need to wee wee again :P

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