Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Darn expensive mooncakes

I like to eat mooncake but they are so expensive. Saw them at Mid Valley Megamall this afternoon. One can cost at least RM9/- or more!!!

With that price, I could have paid for 3 lunch meals from Aci @ the roadside or the "Chao-chao" stall.


- "Aci @ the roadside" is an illegal stall by the roadside that sells home cooked Indian food. It is operated by a couple. We called the stall Aci, a term which we use to call the wife.

- "Chao-chao" stall is a chap-fan (which means mixed rice in Cantonese) stall situated in a building next to my office building. We called it "Chao-chao" which means smelly in Hokkien coz the cooking from the stall next to it creates strong stench that can even affect your body and clothes, making you smell like cooked cooking oil. Gosh! I hope you get what I am trying to say.

Allyfeel, my friend and colleague said people would laugh at me if they knew that I am willing to pay for scuba diving trips and not willing to buy a mooncake.

The truth is I really find mooncake is way too expensive and it is a luxury.

How come there are so many mooncakes being sold everywhere and the prices are still so expensive? Can they sell them all in the next 11 days or so?

Based on my observation, there are higher supply of mooncake than the demand from the consumer. If I remembered correctly from my Economics subject which I took during Form 6, if supply is higher than demand, then the price will come down.

But in this case, it is not happening like what I had learnt. Also, we are definitely paying for those fancy packaging!

I saw a small cute mooncake that is apple-shaped and flavoured as well. It cost RM9.90 each. Very nice and pretty. A novelty. I thought of buying it for bman as a Mid Autumn Festival gift but apple-flavoured & shaped mooncake isn't very mooncake-y!

So now, I am waiting to buy off season mooncake which usually cost half the price. But my colleague, Ms Goh has to potong stim for me by saying "Now they dowan to sell mooncake after the festival to protect their branding lah. Everyone knows that the price will go down, so they rather not sell."

What!? Aiyoh!

Anyway, I will hunt down the cheap mooncake at Tesco that Allyfeel recommended. Apparently only RM9.95 for 4 normal-sized mooncakes.

Meanwhile, I am hoping for free mooncakes from friends and relatives. I remembered we used to have so much lying around where everyone is so jelak to eat anymore.

krazie*angel is diverting her mooncake cravings by reminding herself the amount of sugar in each of those brown round thing

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