Saturday, September 24, 2005

Friends from the past

I met a very old friend of mine last evening. She was my classmate when I was in Upper Six and then we both were coursemate in Uni for the next 4 years. We were always teamates for projects and did many papers together.

I saw her walking with her mom. I called out to her and she immediately recognised me. That's great. Actually she still look the same. We spoke a bit and check out a bit who and what has been happening since we left Uni. She remain in the same line of industry which we graduated from. I never work in the line of industry.

I must say her mom still look elegant and composed as I have always remembered. But I am sad to learn that her dad has passed away due to lung cancer. I used to go to her house and her dad will talk to me for hours. She would forbid me to speak to her dad because of the long hours. Anyway, may God bless his soul.

I gotta meet up with her again. It was good to see her again.

A few months ago, my best friend in secondary school contacted me on my mobile. It was just fantastic. She lives in the neighbouring country, not far down south, happily married. She too remain the same as how I have remembered her. Now we are speaking regularly on chat. We hope to meet up in person, but I guess the ball is in my court. Probably she will be reading this too. Hi there, C!

If you think someone, an old friend, frequently enough, she/he might just appear right in front you in the most pleasant way. This is just an unproved theory of mine.

krazie*angel hope to meet more old friends from schooldays.


allison said...

i think its great you caught up with your old pals!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your mobile number is still in use. i was praying and hoping, and thank God, it's still in use. Really miss you my friend and hope you are well in both physically and spiritually!

krazie*angel said...

hi anonymous (this one i know who) he he he.

yes, i am so so glad that you called. i miss you too. despite losing contact for so long, we can still click.

u take care too esp when u r in the faraway land.

btw, everyone, anonymous is my best friend since form 1 till form 5. we were always seen together.