Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Kena punished arr?

While I was driving to work this morning, I was on the speakerphone talking away with my cousin regarding his son who is currently sitting for his UPSR exam. I was driving on the left lane. I saw the right lane was empty so I quickly cut into it. Then the Traffic Police who was manning the traffic stopped me, right in the middle of the road.

I thought to myself "Die!" and I immediately switched off my phone. Is it because I was talking on the phone? But I was using speakerphone. I mentally checked how much money I had on my wallet, just in case, if I need to bribe him. I don't have enough. "Shite, I have to beg and be so sweet to him when he talk to me" I planned in my head.

He signalled to me that I have cut from the left lane to the right lane. I wondered, "It is not double line mah. It is a broken line, so can cut, right?"

He just stood there right in front of my car. So I waited for the next course of action. He just stood there while directing the cars on the left lane to move ahead. I waited in my car, wondering what the heck he was trying to do. I looked at my rear mirror and saw a long queue of cars behind me. The guy in the car behind mine looked baffled too.

"Oh stupid policeman causing traffic jam!" I cursed inside me.

I analysed him. Mr Traffic Police is very young, taller than the usual Malay chaps, slim and lanky. I wondered again, "Hmm...maybe he is very young and inexperienced, that's why he did not want to speak to me"

I prayed for no trouble and that Mr Traffic Police will let me go quickly.

After 10 mins or less, Mr Traffic Police moved away and signalled me to drive ahead.

Sigh...why did he stopped me lah at the first place? Stupid or what?

Is he punishing me for cutting lanes? Anyway, better than he saman me or I bribe him. Losing 10 mins is definitely better than losing money.

If you wondered where did this happen...it happened in Jalan Pekeliling where the LRT station is.

krazie*angel gotta check when her driving license is expiring

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