Saturday, September 10, 2005

Too little money.

I wanted to withdraw money from an ATM. There was no queue, just a boy and his mother on the ATM. They were discussing how much they should withdraw, for quite a while. They looked worried. I waited patiently.

I managed to peek at the screen and saw that the bank account only has RM103.00. It is only the 2nd week of the month and they had so little left. They finally withdrew RM70 or RM80, I can't be sure. There are another 21 more days to go for this month, I wonder if they have enough money to survive? I wonder if they are happy despite they are poor. I hope they are happy.

It is so sad. I pity them. I wished that I could give them some money but how do you asked a stranger if they needed money? They might find you an angel or they might find you are humiliating them.

In that moment, despite my emotional state, I am thankful that I had a job that pays and if worse come to worst, I am sure I can rely on my family for finances. Won't die just yet.

I have to start counting my blessings. And I have to stop spending unnecessarily and start saving.

krazie*angel has to stop buying shoes - the 1st initiative

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Allyfeel said...

My knee will be weak and my heart melt if I see people like this. I will come home treating my hubby n bb nicer.