Thursday, September 29, 2005

Papa and Mom

Papa loves to watch TV. CCTV and all the China related news, programmes and dramas. He loves debats and discussion type of programmes especially pertaining to China. Every other day, papa will ask me to log in to Magnum 4D, Sports Toto and PMP website to check for the results.

Mom sleeps early. She is more discipline. She tries to brisk walk every morning. She loves watching Chinese TV dramas and recently Korean dramas. She seems to wash anything that can be washed in my apartment.

Papa go out to eat lunch. Mom rather stay home coz it is too hot outside.

Papa don't mind spending money buying numbers but complaint that food in KL are expensive. Mom prefers to cook and eat lightly at home coz she claims outside food are not nutritious and unhygienic.

Mom makes or buy breakfast for papa and me. Papa eat what mom buy or made but never make breakfast for mom.

Mom and papa love to be clean. They clean every single thing in my apartment, every day.

Mom drinks lotsa water. Papa had to be forced to drink water. Both afraid of cold so they don't need air-cond when sleeping at nite. Neither of them need blankets too.

That's my papa and mom. Nice, very shy, simple and humble people.

All I need to know is that they love me and care for me and my siblings so much. I feel like I am 5 years old everyday.

krazie*angel wanna say this to papa and mom - I love you both very much!*hugz*

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