Sunday, September 25, 2005

Comment # 1 : Low Self Aura

Lately I begin to take note that people are giving comments about me and on what I should do. Previously, there isn't much or probably I never bother to heed them. But I guess if I am looking in improving myself, I sometimes, must listen to feedback from others about me.

I guess it is time to listen and evaluate myself. I am not able to help myself, so maybe other people can. I have been to egoistic to listen to others as I trust myself more.

I am going to blog about them. It might be exposing my weaknesses to the public but I guess it is only a weakness if I am too proud to admit or to even do the simplest thing, listen. I must sieve carefully the remarks or comments or feedback I hear from others.

Well here is the first remark I heard...

Someone told me that she could sense that I have low personal aura. She recommended ways to improve my aura. She said it could be due to some problems that I could be facing or I was feeling down. Well, how did she know that? Anyway, I acted cool and gave her my most skeptical facce and said, "Really meh?"

One of the way to improve my aura was to put on make up. My goodness. I frowned at that thought. I don't make up and I don't know how to and I don't think I want to. She said a little bit of light make up for e.g. eye shadow, blusher and lipstick are the basics. I still frown.

I went home and did facial. Ha ha ha. Maybe that can help improve my aura, I hope.

Another way was to wear some simple jewellery, but never over decorate like a christmas tree. Ok, I do that. I wear necklaces, earings and rings most time.

She also suggested that pampering oneself like going to the hair saloon to have a hair wash is good. So is pedicure and manicure. Ok, I indulge in these stuff most time. In fact, they burn a big hole in my wallet each month.

Most importantly, I must think, feel and speak positively. I can do that, in fact, I can even pretend too. This will be another subject about people's comment about me - my positiveness.

And lastly, smile always. Smile radiates good feeling. But my advice to you is that please don't simply simply smile coz you might be mistaken as a mad person. I will try to smile more often and to more people : )

krazie*angel wonders if crystal can improve self aura. These aura stuff giving krazie*angel a big headache.

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