Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Very jam this morning

The traffic was very bad this morning!!! I was stuck in the jam when driving to work for 1 hr 35 mins. I could have reached Melaka. But I can't see any reasons for the bad traffic. There was no accident, rain, roadworks or break downs.

All my colleagues who drove came in late to work as well. Bad traffic all over KL? How can that be possible?

I almost puked sitting in the car, moving a few inch and halt for while all the way. Bumper to bumper. Arghh!

I hate traffic jam, really really hate, especially when I have to drive. Actually, I hate driving. So coupled with traffic jam, I absolutely despise driving during traffic jam.

This is one problem that our prime minister also can't solve, so I guess we have to just accept it.

krazie*angel dreaming of having her own driver

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