Tuesday, June 06, 2006


They are such cute lil' buggers. They are small. They are squarish. They are super fast. They have polka dots. They come in various colours. They have tiny pouty mouth.

They are my favourite marine life. Box fish!

I just simply love 'em.

Patrice found this photo of a cute yellow polka dotted box fish for my new avatar. Here it is, take a look. Hope you'll like 'em too.

p/s: I think you can see 'em in action in Aquaria KLCC!


heavenlysublime said...

I have not been to aquaria. maybe next time you can catch one for me :)

krazie*angel said...


it is a worth a trip to at least go once to the aquaria.

if i catch you one, i will not make it back to kl. i might just spent a nite behind bars for kidnapping the little cute box fish :(

so maybe we can go to aquaria together?