Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Good ol' Sunny

The ever constant experience...

the sun rises and the sun sets...everyday.

Just so beautiful, just like how each day suppose to begin and end.

Serene sunrise at the busy Dungun jetty where fishermen were busy with their catches. Pix taken by Shardy :)

Sunset in Tioman. Photo courtesy of Ismail. I wanna go there

Sunset by the beah somewhere in Australia. Photo taken by CP, my childhood best friends. Can't see the sun but you know it is dusk.

Sunset somewhere in Thailand, captured by Gary


Asther said...

Where's Layang-Layang's sunset??? Hehehe...

krazie*angel said...

Already posted in April itself. Go check my layang-layang photos in my posts in April and May :)

If you have any nice ones, email me and I post in my blog, k?

Shardy said...

Doesn't Shardy get credit for the 1st one here?

krazie*angel said...

Sorry Shardy. my mistake :(

I forgot to credit you in the first pix. Well, friends and readers, Shardy took the first sunrise pix when we were in Dungun. I made Shardy took out his camera to take this shot :P