Sunday, June 25, 2006

Princessy Wedding

My dear good friend whom was an ex-colleague, Bobo tied the knot in the most double R way...that is Royally Romantic!

She was gorgeous all day and nite. It was really heartwarming to see her and her hubby looking so happy and glowing on their big day. This gotta be my Top 3 weddings I have attended.

I must also say that the Heng- tais and groom had been very sporting and participated in all the "torturing" session in good spirit, in fact, did very well in all the tasks given by the Chi-muis.

I took a lot of photos with Miki-C's camera. I was hogging her camera all the time :P Will share some of the pix when I got them from her. Meantime, enjoy the wedding photos I posted here, which Bobo sent me.

What I love most were all the slide shows shown on the big white screen. They were so nicely done.

Her wedding theme song was by Jennifer Avalon - Two Hearts that Beat as One. Her friend sang this song and another strummed the tune during the church service and the banquet. It is a very meaningful and lovely song. Click to this link to listen to the song :)

And to Bobo and Hubby, here is a special dedication from me to both of you...

Your wedding... more than a long-awaited day, it is the beautiful beginning of all the days of your life together.

Your vows... more than solemn words spoken before family and friends, they are promises made and kept within your own hearts.

Your love... more than just a wonderful feeling, it is a bond that deepens with time, growing stronger and surer from this day forward.

As you celebrate your wedding, your vows, your love, know that others share in your joy and in the hope that all your married days will be as happy as this one.

And remember, the best stories are the one you write together with love.


ChupaChups said...

Thanks for your help. I felt that i was the luckiest girl on earth to have all of you so dedicated to help esp yourself, chinoz, Miki-C(a.k.a Bobo), tony plus some of my church friends.

For being a perfectionist, my wedding turn out somewhat close to what i have planned accept for the AV guy that screwed up my wedding march.... arrgghhh!

The copy of the story board for my flash presentation that you like was contributed by Bobo.

Asther said...

Awww... *DREAMING*

krazie*angel said...

hi chupachups (nice nick, very cute),

i didn't help much at all, i have been lazy and way too busy with my own stuff. sorry, darling. but am glad it all went smoothly and well. i enjoyed myself very much and it was very lovely day.

bobo is super talented, hmm...i am thinking to ask her to help with my sis' wedding presentation too :)

hi asther,

don't will come true soon...i hope and wish so for u... :)

chinoz said...

Hi Chupachups * K*A,

Good post, K*A! It was great seeing the RRs looking happy and glowingly beautiful.

chupachups, glad we were able to help wherever we can, although I'm not sure we helped much.


krazie*angel said...

Hi Chinoz,

We can see the RR couple again this Saturday :)

So, get ready for more action. Woo hoo!