Thursday, June 29, 2006

One Post Fame in k*a's blog ~ Seanie

This is Sean. I call him Seanie. This is a picture of Seanie being naughty or a monster he saw in Ultraman.

He is 3 years old. He is very cute. I like the way he call his Mommy, very nice to hear. And the way he speaks is very interesting too, with an accent not quite Malaysian.

He is the most caring and thoughtful 3 y.o. I ever know. Yes, he is very thoughtful, like an adult kind of way. Remind me to tell you the story of him in a Taxi, the instant noodle and when I was sick with gastric, if you are interested.

He is friendly. Very friendly. He is friend with all his mommy's friends.

He can't pronounce some words that start with L but he pronounced them like W. For e.g. Lynn will be Wynn.

He has a small mechanical dog (broken now) which he carries around. I think this is his favourite toy although he seems to like his purple Ultraman figurine too.

He loves swimming and swim like a fish and he swims in adult pool without floaters.

He thinks money can be bought. So are boobs.

He waves goodbye to his daddy each time the aeroplane flew across his home. He would run to balcony and shout to his daddy, who works elsewhere.

I like dancing with him. He loves being twirl around.

He is Juni's son. Now, meet Juni and Seanie in his monster act. (In fact, I believe the thoughtfulness, friendliness and caringness in Seanie come from Juni)

Seanie, the little monster who thinks he is a huge fiesty monster, is tearing Shardy apart, like how a monster will stomp Tokyo city into pieces in Ultraman tv shows.


Anonymous said...

The story brought a laughter to me, and yet also touching. Shardy had a hard time handling sean but they pretty much enjoyed each other company ( i hope).

krazie*angel said...

Hi anonymous, glad I can make u laugh.

I am sure Shardy can handle Sean. It is good for Shardy (not for Sean, tho) to be rough sometimes :P (sorry, Shardy!)

Kaiserin said...

yeah k*A, tis definitely good for Shardy.. who knows.. this single solo act by sean, might propel Shardy to consider fatherhood bwahahahahahahah ....

Shardy said...

He he - I haven't ruled it out yet... just need to find a suitable mum :-D

Seanie was very cute especially in his "backpack monster" mode!

krazie*angel said...

shardy junior??? btw, aren't he already 4-5 mths pregnant, judging from the size of his belly?