Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Brazil is indestructible!

Brazil 3 - Ghana 0 last nite. What a game! Favourite against Underdog. Would be even more interesting to see Brazil against France this Saturday morning. The worry is that Brazil has 3 unfavourable records against France. They lost to France in 1998 Finals and 1986 Quarter Finals.

But I am so keeping my fingers crossed that Brazil is gonna beat France this Saturday.

Some trivias on Brazil

Ronaldo became the World Cup's all-time top scorer by netting his 15th goal in the finals. He thereby surpassed Gerd Muller's tally of 14, in his 18th successive World Cup match, the longest streak by a current player.

Cafu set a Brazilian record by playing in his 19th game. The competition record is 25 World Cup matches by Lothar Matthaus.

Adriano's goal was Brazil's 200th in the World Cup. They are the first nation to reach this milestone.

Ze Roberto became the seventh Brazilian goalscorer at the 2006 World Cup. No other nation has more than six different goalscorers.

Brazil won their 11th straight World Cup match, extending their all-time record. They're also on an 11-match unbeaten run, which is two shy of their own competition record set between 1958-1966.

Brazil is the only country to win the World Cup outside its own continental territory, which it achieved on three occasions, in 1958 in Sweden, the United States in 1994 and four years ago in Japan/Korea.

Brazil is the only nation to have played in every FIFA World Cup tournament and the first to win it five times (1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002). Because of this status, Brazilians often refer to the national side as the Pentacampe√£o, literally meaning "five-time champion." Considering the two second places (1950 and 1998) and the two third places (1938 and 1978), as well as many other honours, it is considered the most successful national football team in the world.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm so impressed with your interest in football. So nice to know you support brazil ;)

krazie*angel said...

Hi anonymous,

Yes, I support Brazil! Just hope they win again! Are you a fan of Brazil too?

And as my other interest for football will be the typical girl thing, the cute players :P

But since Raul is no longer playing as Spain was out and Michael Owen is back in England due to injury, I am very focus in just football.

Asther said...

Eh! Didn't know u into football. Hahaha... so most evening u b glued to the TV during the matches, huh? ;)

krazie*angel said...

Have to know a bit a bit abt football is the World Cup mah! I guess from now on, the games very "kan cheong" so I must watch lah, esp when Brazil vs France.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm a crazy fan of Brazil since I was a small kid. But this time around, I don't think they are good enough to go. Of course I hope so much that they win the cup again. Do you know that if they win the cup this time, they would take it home for good?

Ah, regarding cute players, sorry that Raul is out. I think Spain deserves to go to the next round, but football is like that, you just don't know what could happen.

Anyway, you still have lotsa cute players around ;)

krazie*angel said...

Hi anonymous,

Glad to hear that you are fan of Brazil too. Give me a high five!!! :D

So were you a fan of Pele too when you are young? I remember him very well when I was just a little girl. I remember my elder bro telling me how great he is. My bro also told me about Maradona and I think Maradona was his idol at that time.

I really want Brazil to win this time. Yes, I know bout them keeping the cup if they win 6th times in a row. Someone I know, who also loves football a lot and loves Brazil so much told me that before. And he also said that football is very unpredictable even tho they could have the best players in the team. That's how I begin to appreciate football.

Let's hope Brazil win, ok?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I can't wait to see Brazil vs France, let's keep our fingrs crossed for them.

Yes I was a big fan of Pele even though he was way back before my time, the last time he played for Brazil was in 1970.

One more thing, Brazil has already taken the cup home in 1970, cos they win it three times in a row. So it's not 6 times in a row. This time around, we have 3 candidates who can keep the cup if they won. These are Brazil, Germany and Argentina, cos each of them have won the current cup 2 times already.

krazie*angel said...

Hi anonymous again,

Yes, keep all our fingers crossed!

Altho' I may not know you, well, one thing for sure, when you are watching the game Brazil vs France on Sun morning, so will I :)

And you sure know a lot about football! That's so cool :D Thanks for your information.

Anonymous said...

It's about time to watch the ever waited match. Let's hope Brazil will make it. I'll be watching knowing that you are there watching and supporting Brazil, that's cool! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry that Brazil lost the match, but to be honest, they didn't play well enough to win. Though I'm sad that Brazil gone, but Viva France they deserve to win.

krazie*angel said...

Hi anonymous,

:( It is really disapointing that Brazil lost to France :(

But France did played well. Oh well, now the only hope is that Brazil will brush up for the next World Cup.

Now who are you supporting? I am not too sure now, I thought of supporting France, since I am learning their urrghh language. But Germany, somehow I think they are going to bring home the world cup.