Friday, March 31, 2006

Banker - This is for you!

Hey Banker, I've been trying to call you on your phone but can't reach. Not sure where are you now but I am sure am thinking of you at this moment.

Your email and posting on the forum to all of us really touched my heart. It was both sad and funny.

Just wanna let you know that it has been great knowing you. Err... Do you read my blog? Most prolly not or never. Anyway, although I have not known you for years but merely months, but I feel that you have been one of the greatest friends I have made. I really appreciate your friendship.

Remember these times?

...when we can't pee pee coz we are laughing so hard at each other. Oops. No, we are at different cubicles and at total privacy from each other.

...those senseless yet logical fictions we created during our trip to Melaka. LOL!

...sharing our favourite tv serie, not going to mention the name. *wink*wink* I have the remaining episodes for you.

...I am glad you convinced me to go for rafting. That was cool. Err, I did not save you :)

...where you knew exactly what I was saying without me stating the obvious when everyone else don't know.

...texting each other across the table. I'm still puzzled why we did that! We could've talk but it was funny nevertheless :P

I will cherish all these happy and crazy moments we have shared. They will always make me smile. Inside, it is kinda sad to see you leave but it is true, you will not be far. You are only 4 hours drive away from all of us here. And knowing that you will be with Mrs Banker, I know you will be very happy. I wish you all the very best in your future undertakings. I will miss you. And I hope that we will always be good friends.

Oh well, now I have a reason to visit Singapore which I never really like. And I am looking forward to meet Mrs Banker and Banker Jr.

Delphinus, get your passport!!! This is an order. We are visiting Mr & Mrs Banker and Banker Jr soon! And while we are there, I can visit my two dearest CP - one is my sis and one is my childhood best friend.

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