Sunday, March 26, 2006

White water rafting experience

Urgh! Had a migraine the entire day. Perhaps the air-cond from last nite caused it. Or maybe I was dehydrated from Sat. Had 4 panadols and it is still here, bugging the hell outta me.

Yesterday, I went white water rafting at Sungai Itik in Gopeng, Perak with some friends and strangers. It took Banker one week to convince me to go for it. I told Chippie about it and he immediately said yes to go. I wish I had that kind of enthuasiasm. Delphinus was there too, but wasn't rafting due to her recovering back. She was talking photos, reading, chatting and chilling by the riverside.

Some of the people in the group and Chippie opted for hydrospeed where you hang on to a body board and river surf all the way down the river. Yes, all over the rocks and cold water. It seemed really scary but much more exciting than white water rafting. Me? I was happy to be rafting on a raft cushioned with air where I could hide in the belly of the raft if anything went wrong.

It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. I was expecting fast gushing foaming white water on rocky river going downhill. I was expecting it to be extremely rapid swooshing bumpy ride all the way down the river. But it wasn't that bad either. Just some bumps and rocky rides here and there to churn a little adrenaline inside, but it was quite easy. That was because the guides on the front and back of the raft were doing all the hard work to get us through the rapids and bumps. They even had to get us and the raft moving when we are stuck on the rocks. Plus, the river we went to, are just right and safe for amateurs and beginners like me.

They gave us instructions to row forward and backwards, to move to the front, back, left and right of the raft. My group comprised of 2 guides, Banker, Javana, Matt1972 and me. I think we are the most serious group coz we concentrated so hard and follow every single instruction so carefully, unlike the other groups that are laughing and happily splashing water at each other. None the less, we were very satisfied and happy.

One bit I found irritating was that we constantly have to stop and wait for our turns as the other rafts had get through some rocky rapids before we could. So after bracing one exciting rapids, we have to wait a while. I guess if there wasn't a lot of rafts, we would have moved all the way down without stopping.

And I got a bit darker again. I tanned so easily. There is a two skin tone now on arms and legs. Even marks of my Teva on my feet. Darn!

What I like most was the scenery. The little jungle surounding the river was totally beautiful and tranquil. The scenery was beautiful as we were rafting down the river. Even the drive towards Gopeng was excellent with views of nice limestone mountains and green jungles along the highway.

I am glad I went for it. It was interesting to do something different, something I thought I won't do coz I am a little chicken inside. If I am a little braver, I might even try hydrospeed. But looking at Chippie's bruises and Wendy's twisted wrist, I will need a lot of courage.

I will post some pix once I gotten them from Delphinus.


Stargazer said...

Wow! You're such an active outdoorsy angel! :) Hope your migraine's better!

krazie*angel said...

hi stargazer, i am trying to do as much as i can while i can still do them and still have the time. hey, u should join us too if u like.

btw, my migraine still here. i am feeling really shitty and i got a senget head and a blurry vision on my right eye now :(

Stargazer said...

Hehe..I'm not too outdoorsy myself! But it sounds good. Would love to meet this angel ;)

Sorry to hear about your migraine. Hope it gets better really soon.

David said...

Sometimes, when one does rafting, he or she can't really notice how beautiful the environment is. They're cherishing the moments they have with the waves. And of course, they're focusing on riding with them. You won't even notice how striking the sunrays are! It's cool in the river, right? :D

-David Deland