Monday, March 13, 2006

Bits of Emotions

When you’re driving with the brakes on
When you’re swimming with your boots on,
It’s hard to say you love someone
And it’s hard to say you don’t

~ Driving With The Brakes On by Del Amitri

Raise your head up
Lift high the load
Take strength from those that need you
Build high the walls
Build strong the beams
A new life is waiting
But danger’s no stranger here

No words describe a mother’s tears
No words can heal a broken heart
A dream is gone, but where there’s hope

Somewhere something is calling for you
Put your faith in what you most believe in
Two worlds, one family
Trust your heart
Let fate decide
To guide these lives we see

~ Two Worlds by Phil Colins

What would you do if I could have you?
Oh if I could
I'd let you feel everything I'm thinking
Wouldn't that be nice?

And one of these days
I won't be afraid of staying with you

~ One of These Days by Michelle Branch

What you thought was real in life, has somehow steered you wrong
And now you just keep drivin' tryin' to find where you belong

I know you feel helpless now, I know you feel alone
That’s the same road, and the same road that I’m on, Yeah

~ The Road I'm On by Three Doors Down

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