Friday, March 17, 2006

Scruffilly charming

Ahh...a secret compliment for Myster Rious. Still like the usual scruffy self, but somehow, in that shirt, with a faint silhouette of a her, and pair of jeans...brings out a charm, that long forgotten and gone unnoticed.

It was very relaxing, casual and somewhat, appealing. Forget ironing, it doesn't really matter.

That nite, the good look was noticed. Head turned. Mind thought twice. Smile formed. No showing off at all, but just naturally charming without anyone being aware that one is being noticed and the other noticed.

Funny how one appears that way once in a while and take another's breath away.

Or the other person simply never make the effort to notice.

Or one no longer able to observe the beauty of the other once it is always there.

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