Thursday, March 23, 2006

Today's Random News

Can't sleep last nite. Arrghh! I hope my insomniac self is not back. Maybe because of eventful Tuesday. Already can't sleep, got a late nite phone call. Darn!

Feeling very "Bleh!" today. Empty. SIEN! Bored. Like PMS but definitely not. Can I blame on Tuesday, again? Or maybe I didn't sleep well last nite?

Was feeling very demotivated to go diving at Layang-Layang next month until I saw the Layang-Layang Resort website. Then I found out from Asther's and Layang-Layang Blues blogs that Hammerheads were spotted daily for the past few days. Even Mantas too. Now I wish I was there right at this very moment. Hope they will all still be around when I am there in 1 mth time.

Double arrghh! Got queried by a close friend for being MIA from church. I have been obviously busy the past few weeks - CNY, Mataking, Shanghai, Redang, F1 and all. Don't you wish you have a life like mine? No!

Tonite, I am toasting myself black. After work, I will be heading to my yoga class which I have been missing the past 2 weeks due to Redang and Lionel Ritchie's concert. Right after yoga, I am going to a welcome back dinner for a friend and then I am going to watch Underworld 2 alone. Hope it is not that scary.

Saw two different kids at two different locations in two different superheros costumes within 12 hours. One was Batman and the other Spiderman. Thought that was quite a nice co-incidence.

I want to eat Tai Thong egg tart. Very nice. I want to eat Brickfield's goreng pisang.

I want to buy a river sandal. Teva. Design inspired by Jesus Christ's shoes. Also, I want to buy a BCD, a complete reg set and a digital camera.

Oh well, that's all for now. k*a signing out for now.


Stargazer said...

Wah you're going diving again! You lucky girl! I haven't gone this year yet...*turns out empty pockets*

krazie*angel said...

yes am going to layang layang.

u have no idea how broke i am gonna be. in fact, i will have to live on sunshine and fresh air

but already committed, so have to fork out whatever i have to go.

but i also know it is gonna be so fun :) and seeing those hammerheads will be so worth it.