Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A dedication to my distant aunt

She was always bubbly, full of laughter and ever so chatty. She was always in bright red dress and with red lipstick during Chinese New Year.

She would welcome me and my friends whenever I brought them to visit her home, which is the famous long antique house along Jonker Street. She gladly gave us the grand tour of her home, explaining details of the home, including the history.

I love talking to her. She never failed to ask me the two big questions each time she saw me. And we will always joke about that.

The first time I met her was during her wedding, many many years ago, when I was still in school. She was getting married to my mom's cousin.

The last time I met her was in a hospital, about 2 years ago. She was ill but her spirit was high.

She was dearly known as Ling. She was my distant aunt. She passed away yesterday. But I am sure she is in a better place now, where pain ceased and peace and happiness reigns.

To the family, my deepest condolences. I am so sorry for your loss.

To Auntie Ling, you will be dearly missed, especially during Chinese New Year. The long big house will never be the same without you again.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the loss of your auntie. I've been to that house once and I think I still remember her. Sorry again and may God bless her soul.

krazie*angel said...

anonymous - say a prayer for her, k... and she did remember you when I last met her.

chinoz said...

Angel, sorry about your lost. Hope you're not feeling too bad about it.


krazie*angel said...

thanks agnes. i'm ok actually but i feel really sad for her family.