Monday, March 20, 2006


I was bad to always connect Trance/House music to Ah Bengs and Ah Lians. Head banging or drugs like X or Ice. Don't mean to make fun of anyone, ok? Just me and my perception. My bad. So I am one of those boring people who don't understand this kind of music. Yes, I probably rather listen to Michael Jackson than DJ Tiesto's concoction if you were to ask me 2 weeks ago.

A couple weeks ago, a friend who is a big, or rather a huge fan of Dj Tiesto was so excited when he saw a bunting along the road next to Beach Club that said DJ Tiesto is coming to town. Can't see when or where coz we passed by the buntings really fast. I went online and checked. It was the Pit Party during the F1 race. He convinced another friend and me to go for the party.

Not knowing who the heck is Tiesto and his genre of music, I got my colleague to download all Tiesto's music. At first, all I hear was repeatitive beats and after a few times of listening to them, it kinda grow into me. I like the rhythm and the repetitiveness, it sorta swallow you into a floating realm. So I got my colleague to download DJ Sammy's music too. So there is Ah Lianness in me too :)

On Sat, after F1, a swim and super yummy dinner cooked personally by the huge fan of DJ Tiesto for the three of us, we headed to the huge limousine taxi carpark in Sepang which has transformed to a huge rave party. Man, I have never seen so many young people in my whole life. I have never seen so many sexy people walking around in almost nothing...oh well, I am exagerating, but they do wear extremely sexy. Made me wonder where are these people during broad daylight on a normal day? I have never known that DJ Tiesto is so popular.

That nite, after a few beer, which I am not supposed to consume at all, by the rules of my religion :P and by the restriction of my health, I was pretty excited. Gee, in brief, I had never danced or party that hard since I was 18? I was happy and I feel good. Delphinus was there and I was even happier to have her company. Then we both spotted Shaolin Tiger, whose blog we read daily. How cool is that?

Ahh...I just can't believe I was partying like that at this age. Oh well, we all went home at 1pm, just when the party got really exciting and fun, coz we were too tired. Delphinus continued to party on, in search of the sunrise with Tiesto. Age really is catching up, whether we like it or not. And I am red and itchy - darn the alcohol.

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