Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Good bye, Mini. I am so sorry.

I can't sleep. I am so upset and sad. I feel awful :S :(

One of the fishies died, the smallest of the 4. I'm so sorry, Mini.

I came home from a wonderful dinner with friends, feeling upbeat and happy. As usual, I will go take a look fishies as soon as I walk into my home. My heart dropped to the floor when I saw the littlest one is floating, lifeless, on the surface of the water. I stood there, frozen for a moment, feeling really awful.

I really can't bear it when I had to scoop it up from the water. Its eyes were white in colour and seemed like they are shut. Its belly was black in colour. The whole scenario was too sad and I could feel my body weakening. It is sad when I had to put it in a plastic bag and throw it away. Now late Mini is in my rubbish bag :(

It is only a fish, right? And it is not even mine. I just realised how weak I am that I can't even handle such a death, which may seem trivial and insignificant to many others. I felt irresponsible that I can even pet sit rightly. Will the other fishies be ok? Will they survive till they are back at their home again.

I haven't told the owner yet. I feel so guilty. I am so sorry.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for the lost of Mini. I bought a fish tank about a week ago, set it up nicely and bought few fishes, mostly gold fishes. Among them 4 were small fishes. Those tiny fishes lasted only 3 days. I too was so sad and I had no idea what went wrong. I just don't know why they died. The rest seem to be ok for now and I wish they will be fine. I kinda become attached to them and I can't bear seeing a new one go away. I'm sorry again for Mini, I know how it feels.

Stargazer said...

Oh sorry to hear that. Pets have the strangest way of worming themselves into your heart. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Hey, I think Mini opted for a suicide; may be due to:-
1. loneliness
2. depression (could be rejected by fellow fishes)
3. Starvation (u stuffed urself but forget to stuff Mini)
4. Dread seeing u (so rather....)
lol; just kidding

RIP Mini girl/boy?????

Meow !!!

chinoz said...

Dearie Angel

Don't be sad over Mini. It's now in Fishy Heaven, where Nemo reigns supreme. Be happy for her.

heavenlysublime said...

aawww.. poor mini. Don't be sad. well, it's hard to ask you not to be sad when you've grown attached to the fish. Seeeeeeeeee, it's normal for me and my mom to be sad too when we found Cayang was sick.

Anyway, I think Cayang and Cleo miss you.

krazie*angel said...

anonymous 1 - Thanks for your nice kind words. Although the rest of fishies are still there, but somehow the tank is different without Mini.

Stargazer - Hi dearie...they do, don't they? Hugs to you too.

anonymous 2 - You might be quite right with all your reasons. Mini is girl.

Agnes - Thanks! Yes, I think Mini is swimming cheerfully in fish heaven now.

Heavenly - I will surely come visit cayang and cleo...and most importantly come visit you, auntie and uncle. Miss you all. Hugs.

heavenwood said...

about time the selfish (ah fish)took them back and left you with no worries

krazie*angel said...

heavenwood - yeah, i think fishies are looking forward to go back to their mansion soon. my tank is like a small hut for them. i'm gonna miss them for sure.