Monday, March 27, 2006

Ciggies and coffee

I dislike people smoking in toilets. Dislike is too mild a word. I hate it very much. Already stuck in a toilet cubicle, it is totally uncomfortable to be choked with cigarrette smokes. There are a few culprits from the next door offices that often smoke in the common toilet of our office floor.

On Sunday, I noticed something about myself. Although I am allergic to alcohol but I consume more alcohol than I drink coffee or coca-cola. I can't even remember how coffee taste like but I can remember how it smell like. The only coffee I have ever tasted are from tiramisu or mocha cakes. Grandma used to say I made really good coffee, which I often made in the mornings for her in a big pot and a flask, which she would consumed the entire day. B complimented that I made really nice nescafe too.

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