Sunday, March 19, 2006

First time @ F1

Before the race begins. Everyone in anticipation.

It was the 8th time Malaysia has hosted the F1 race and this is my first time I went to watch one. Reasons for not watching? Never like the sport, never like the sun, can't justify paying that much to watch and it is shown free on TV.

It was hot, so darn hot and I was sweating all the time. On both days - Sat and Sun. And the seats are dirty. Oh well, I better stop complaining and be grateful instead, coz I got the tix free. I was very fortunate as I was on the Grand Stand, facing the pit stops and under the shade.

Everything sold there were expensive. Food was expensive. One true example - a hotdog with bun cost RM15. Hell. Next example, I can't imagine buying a shirt with all the companies' logos that cost RM560. We the buyers, are advertising for them, aren't we? And we pay them to advertise for them. Smart marketing strategy.

Although I don't have any favourite team, but you can ask me who I think is the cutest F1 driver. Same reason why I watch football. A friend commented that I am shallow. Yes, that I am. But the egotistical me decided to throw some trivias on F1 to defend that I am not shallow at all. Guess the more I do that, the shallower I get :P

Oh yes, it is deafening to be there each time the cars passed through. I am impressed with my roomate in Uni who does not need any ear plugs at all.

Fans in train after the race. How loyal!

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