Thursday, March 02, 2006

From highway with love

Took this photo as we (Delphinus a.k.a Kaiserin, Sherine, Banker and me) were cruising down the North South Highway from Melaka back to KL. Banker and Sherine were sleeping soundly behind. I was trying to stay awake by meddling with Delphi's camera while she was driving. I must admit, right after this, I fell asleep.

You can see me vaguely in the relection. That's the mysterious me ;)

We had so much fun in Melaka. The main objective to go there was to eat the famous Chicken Rice Ball that is only available authentically from Melaka, my hot hometown. And yes, we ate so much and we ate twice. Once for breakfast and once for tea.

I wasn't aware yet that avian flu has attacked Malaysia then.

Most time, we talked shite and most time, they are crap, but we managed to weave a complete and reasonably logical story that can almost seem real. It was funny and I had never laughed so much for so long.


Stargazer said...

Ah, the mysterious Krazie*angel! Next time show more than your hand la! ;)

Sounds like you had a great road trip! :)

thundertwister said...

oh yeah we did.. stargazer.. and if you were there listening to us B-shitting.. you'd go ..What the heck ... ?!?!?!?

krazie*angel said...

Thundertwister, we must do this more often. I still think of the trip...and it never fail to make me smile.