Tuesday, April 04, 2006

All Year Round

Before I go sleep tonite, here is a song for someone who means a lot to me and whom I absolutely love spending time with.

Just learnt about this song last nite through Pelenalaka and I think it will be nice to put it down in here especially after what I said this evening, which I am truly sorry. I do not ever wanted or intended to mean that at all.

All Year Round
by Paul Weller

Our eyes meet across the floor
We don’t have to say much more
Lets take a chance on it
Say you’ll be mine till spring

We kiss on crowded streets
We kiss everytime we meet
Who knows how it will go
Stay here till summer comes

I love you more each day God sends
Love you because you are my friend
Oh, don’t say our luck has blown
Oh stick with it till autumn goes

Lets make love in the light
Sleep together every night
Oh, with dark days all about
Oh, lets stay together, see the winter out

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