Saturday, April 29, 2006

Last nite at Kite Kite

My last nite in Kite Kite. It was quite sad to clean up my gears this afternoon, after my last dive. Anyway, I did 2 dives this morning and in my first dive, I was lucky to see a school of hammerheads passing by us. It is estimated to be 40 of them. I can only say WOW! Asther said she had good dream last nite and she could feel good vibes. And yeah... it was indeed good karma.

Only no mantas to be seen. But never mind. I am happy. Also saw a big fat grey reef shark, a cute box fish (black with yellow polka dots) and I was right smacked in the center of a big school of Jacks. I float among them for a bit. That was amazing.

Visited a really small island where the birds migrated there during this time of the year to lay eggs and nurture their youngs. It was stinky due the birds' droppings and it was noisy as there are so many birds. But it was beautiful to see nature at its best.

Last nite, I was thrown into the pool by a French diver unexpectedly. It was their last day today for all the 30 divers from France. That's the only time I actually swam in that pool. Luckily, the water was warm. The only problem is my wet hair and I went to sleep with wet hair. Anyway, I impressed the French with Maxime de la Forrestier's songs, which was given to me by Pele.

Tonite, we are having a big BBQ dinner. Now just hanging out at the bar, with some DMs and divers, while blogging. It is so humid and warm here and I am sweating.

And overlooking a beautiful sunset, I sat next to a Japanese lady with really short hair that came with me to Kite Kite on the same day and found out that she came here alone too. She has been diving with her husband all these while until he passed away in January this year. Since then, she has been diving alone. She told me that she sometimes get lonely. I could sense that she was missing him so much as she gazed into the horizon. I wonder how many sunsets they have watched together over the years during their diving trips. All I did was said sorry and gave her a hug. And she gently said "Arigato".

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