Friday, April 07, 2006

Am home and bored.

It's Friday nite and I am sitting in my room, blogging! Darn. How sad. I wanna go out. But seems like everyone else has a plan except me. I had a plan earlier but due to my own doing, I don't even have a plan now.

I am not going to watch a movie alone, not again! I don't feel like reading either. In short, I don't want a house arrest tonite. Somebody, please save me, this self-made Rapunzel.

Earlier during lunch time, me and some colleagues went to True Fitness to check out the gym. Apparently one of the largest gym and what-not-sales-talk. After the tour of the gym, the fitness counselor offered us a fat analysis of our body. And after measuring some meat off our tummy, arms and back with an equipment that pinches, I was told my points was 33.2%. She showed me a chart for the points, and shockingly true, I am in the obese category.

Can you believe that? I am an obese. So next time anyone telling me I am too thin and ask me to eat more, I had no idea who to believe.

Urgh! Not a good beginning to a weekend :(


Me in Malaysia said...

Obese? That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Go to a gym that knows what they are talking about. :-) Sorry to hear of the boredom problem last night. You could've come and watched tennis with me. But watching a ball bounce back and forth isn't so exciting either!

chinoz said...

Hi Angel

I spent my Friday night putting up with a bimbo bitch of client. After that, I visited my friend in the hospital. Stayed there for three hours, just keeping her company.

That's my Friday night. My Saturday night (tonight) is watching Kim Possible and Terminator 3 on the idiot box while drafting a news release and a CEO speech for my client (incidentally, the client contact is the bimbo bitch).

So, in comparison, I think you've a much better Friday night than me. I haven't blog on my b-spot for a-g-e-s. I miss it so much.


krazie*angel said...

me in malaysia - yeah. i am only 45 kg for 164 cm. i definitely underweight and skinny. u vouch on that, right?

agnes - thanks for ur comment. just one of those days for me...but it has been shitty since then for me till now.