Thursday, April 27, 2006

Diving tales

Diving is really nice here. Easy going. 3 dives a day. Nice weather. Eat, dive, eat, rest, dive, eat, rest, dive, eat, rest and sleep. Met a lot new friends, nice people here and they take care of me, which I am grateful.

Tuesday. Day 1 in Layang Layang.
Woke up at 4.15am, showered and had breakfast in the hotel then to the airport. They serve breakfast starting at 4am in the hotel. That was so early. Had nasi lemak and bubur. Then to airport by taxi.

When I arrived in the airport, I met Eugene, the person in charge of the Layang-Layang Dive Resort. After, I met Dr Kurt Svacula, the author of "Diving in Malaysia" book. I thought to myself, that is a good start. Fly in a really small plane where it can only fit max 12 people, depending on the weight. They weigh all our luggage and all the passenger before boarding us to the plane.

Did 2 dives today, one before lunch and one after lunch. Very nice corals landscape. Best I've ever seen. Well, not that I have seen a lot or enough to even give that kind of comment. No hammerheads, no mantas. I will not ask that question coz I have been warned not to. Have a german guy the name of Ramin, by who is lawyer that specialised in Mergers and Acquisation of company as a buddy. He is all over the place. So hard to keep up with him. Very cute, nice eyes, soft spoken, very funny...ahh... never mind.

Wednesday. Day 2 in Layang-Layang.
It only got better being here. I am glad I came. Met new friends and that is really cool. Asther been taking good care of me. It is Wednesday and it is a working day. But I am in an island, not working. How nice is that?

Did 3 dives and was dissapointed coz yet to see "it". But am keeping my fingers crossed.
The highlight of today was that I saw dolphins as we are going back to the island on the last dive today. They were jumping out of the water next to our boat. One did a double somersault. It is such an amazing experience to see them playing.

Thursday. 27 April 06.
Day 3 in Layang-Layang.
Amazing day. Happiest day. Saw a hammerhead in the first dive, out in the deep blue. Oh yes, we dive to the deep blue in most of our dives to search for hammerheads and mantas. It is such liberating feeling to dive to the deep blue. Nothingness, surrounded by the blue water all around and floating in it.

On second dive, we saw a school of devil rays. So beautiful to see them swimming in formation. 12 of them. So graceful. Saw unicorn fish, leaf fish, octopus, a reef grey shark, school of Jacks and barracudas. But I had seasick and feeling really awful but seeing the hammerhead made it worthwhile. I did not take Nuvomin yesterday and today.

On third dive, it was a bit cloudy and visibility ain't that great. It was a wall diving. Nothing much but saw a moray eel, a juvenile file fish and four sharks. So cute, really tiny and I like it.

I hope tomorrow will be another good and lucky day for diving. I want to see Mantas. I will try to post some pix up :)


Stargazer said...

Wow! Every diver's dream :) Congrats on seeing your hammerhead! I hope to make it out to Layang-layang one day too! I dive for pelagics! :p

Allyfeel said...

Hey, sounds like a worth while trip ler, at least you are in a nice looking island with a cute buddy. :) Envious!

chinoz said...


That's great, knowing that you're basking under the hot sun and swimming in the sea! Take care, ya!


krazie*angel said...

Hi Stargazer - Yeah...saw a big school of Hammies this morning. I was so excited. Here is so beautiful, sunsets, corals and all.

Hi Allyfeel - I am broke but yes, very worth it. Will show you the pix of my buddy.

Hi Agnes - I will take care. You too, please take care.

Asther said...

Hey... u forgot to post your last day diving! Where you saw the SCHOOL of hammerheads! Hahaha... ;)