Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Boss' Birthday today

Today is the birthday of my boss, the Managing Director of the company I am working in. We (some people from the office) had vegetarian lunch with him today. I wanted to order Bittergourd with marmite sauce but he won't allow because he believes that eating bittergourd on such an auspicious day will make his future bitter. Anyway, lunch was good and I ate too much.

He doesn't read my blog unless he secretly knew about it or found out from people who know both him and me. But anyway, I'm doing my bit of ampu-ing here...

Happy Birthday to you, Boss! Hope business is good this year and we can get our bonus and increment. Yay!

P/S: He had a French Boudoir themed birthday party at the Zeta Bar, Hilton last Sunday with actual bar-top sexy dancers and a five piece band. How kinky is that! But I wasn't there to witness such a bold party here in our conservative country due to some terms and conditions he set for me. No worries, I was actually glad that I was not there. Instead, I had fun eating bbq and playing pictionary with some friends.

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