Monday, April 24, 2006

Off I go

I am off to an atoll for diving for 6 days. I am leaving this evening. My bags are packed.

I am excited because I am hopeful to see hammerhead sharks and manta rays. I am going diving. I am going to be in an island. I don't have to work.

But I am a bit heavy hearted coz I am going there all alone. I dunno how I am gonna cope with that, but I shall take it as a challenge. It was a wonderful plan initially but it fell through and it is a hard decision to still go. I am broke.

There won't be any Internet or Maxis there, so I am cut off from my everyday world. But I'll be back in a week's time. Meanwhile, take care, have fun and smile.


Stargazer said...

Hey, do take good care diving! Can't wait to hear about your diving's gonna be a great trip :)


Ghostwriter said...

Have fun diving dear! Do be sure to put in some pics.....maybe it's time for you to invest in an underwater camera, since you seem to be actively involved in diving? :D Take care over there....look forward to reading up on your diving stories.

krazie_angel said...

Hi Star and Ghostwriter, thanks for your wishes.

will try to blog and post.

I dun have any camera, so can't promise any photos, unless I post up other people's pix.