Sunday, April 30, 2006

From midst air

Right now I am in KK. My flight back to KL was delayed as expected from Air Asia for an hour. They won't let us enter the departure hall so I have to hang out in an open air cafe facing the carpark. It is very hot here. I am sweating buckets since I came to this part of the world, kinda like sauna.

As I flying back from Layang-Layang on a really small plane that can only fit 8 passengers, I must say that the view from the window is nice. There were only 3 of us in the plane, me and a friendly French couple that I have made friends with. They were also on the same diving boat as me during the past 5 days.

Sometimes, as I looked out the plane window, the sea merged to the sky and clouds, forming a beautiful bluish gradient as you look up and into fluffy white clouds.

At times, I can see the orangy shades or even purplish shades over the horizon, with soft cottony clouds hanging in the sky, creating interesting hues as the lights sneaking on the side of the clouds.

As the plane flew across the South China Sea, it is rather comforting to see speckles of boats and ships on the sea, knowing there is life going about the surface of the sea. I saw 2 oil platforms too. And straight lines across the sea made by speed boats, kinda like patterns made by plane across the sky.

Patches of coral beds underwater can be seen, where shallow waters are in soft and lighter blue, where no divers go to and these are peaceful and undisturbed sanctuaries for the marine life. I wonder what are swimming in there and what treasure can you find.

Although It was sad to see oil spill as we are nearing to the main land. The colourful metallic gradient on the surface was very worrying, and I wonder how do one clean up this mess. I wonder how many marine life has been affected :(

And you know you are leaving all the slow easy happy moments behind as you approach the mainland, leaving the blue sea below and behind you and looking at roof tops and maze of roads.

But of course, the touchdown. The little aircraft door opened, the hot humid air gushed in, and the lowering noise of the aircraft engine...and stepping on the hard landing strip, oh well, back to reality again in the next few hours. Back to work, back to the traffic jam and back to classes.

Till the next island, and the next diving trip...

P/S: Will post photos of sky taken from the plane windo in my next post :)

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