Wednesday, April 26, 2006

In a hotel in KK on Mon nite

Phew...finally got online. Made friends with the guy running the resort in the island and my divemaster friend helps too in gaining access.

Here is my post which I wrote in the hotel on Monday nite. Will post more on what's been happening here.

*** *** ***

In a hotel room now in KK. It is very boring. Was watching some local Malay drama and then some el cheapo English speaking but with Mexican accent movie on TV2. Crap! Not much choices for channel surfing.

As per advised by Arizona, I am writing a journal whenever I am bored or got nothing to do. That's what I am doing now exactly.

And I so wish there is an Internet access here. But no, the only place with Internet access is the Business Centre and it is closed. But at least I have my computer with me where I can listen to music while I journaled. By tomorrow, I will lose all communication means as there is no Maxis signal or Internet acces there, unless I pay a bomb to contact anyone.

Asther just called me to check I am ok. Sweet isn't she? And right now, I am sms-ing Delphinus and Rob. Delphinus told me that Gervais was stuck in the traffic for 2 hours after sending me to LCCT. Oh dear, I am so sorry. Bak Kut Teh on me when I am back to KL. I must say that Gervais is so sweet to send me from my office to the airport this afternoon. I gladly accept his offer coz I have 1 huge bag, 1 bag pack and 1 small bag. Gervais also lend me his digital camera for this trip as I don't have any. I can't take any underwater photography but will take some pictures of the island and perhaps birds.

I have to go to bed early tonite, which is too early comparing to my daily go to bed schedule, cos I need to wake up at around 4.15 am tomorrow for breakfast and then leave to airport. My flight to Layang Layang is at 6.30am. Maybe I'll watch an episode of Out of Practice before I sleep.

Oh yes, note to self. I must not leave anything behind as I have this bad habit of forgetting to take my things and leaving them everywhere.

Gotta record this down. As I was watching TV2 just now, the sight and sound brought back a very familiar yet distant feeling. I can't help but having this nostalgic feeling of me back in my grandma's home in Melaka. It reminded me of the typical night back then, where there are only 3 channels to watch and the TV is on every night. Grandma will be watching the drama on TV with a very loud volume coz she was a bit deaf. I could almost see the entire surrounding of my grandma's home in Melaka quite vividly and I felt as if I was still that teenager who live there. At that moment, I miss my grandma, I miss those times, I miss my sister, I miss my dad and I miss the familiarity of a home which I have lived in for 20 years.

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