Saturday, April 22, 2006

Month of choc cake & breakups

Chocolate Cakes. I ate so much of it lately, for the past few weeks. One of my colleagues found a simple recipe to bake chocolate cake without butter. She attempted it and we all love it. Inspired by her success, three other colleagues tried the recipe too. They even have a competition on who bake the tastiest chocolate cake. And I get to eat everyone's chocolate cake. Almost everyday.

Pele too has been baking brownies. Yummylicious brownies. And I was lucky to eat them on both times he baked them. I even took home some. Earlier, he introduced us to L'Opera and Royal cakes from Chef Jerome. My goodness, the taste are heavenly.

So, I guess for while now, I will avoid chocolate cakes. But I believe there will still be continous supply of chocolate cakes for a while. Oh, I just ate 4 pieces of brownies baked by Pele :D Yum Yum.

Breakups. Very disconcerting. First time in my life, I have so many friends broke up with their partners in one month. Sad!

Early this morning, a friend called up to inform me of a bad news. Both parties are my friends. Sad. They were so in love, but circumstances posed as a hurdles they cannot jump over.

Two other unfortunate friends have lost contacts with their boyfriends. The boyfriends stopped calling, leaving them wondering in sadness. But love is so great that it leaves hope for both of them, that perhaps, the calling stopped due to a very good reason. The hope and the trust for that someone in good faith, all because of the love in the heart. And hope springs eternal.

A few more suffer silently... Hang in there, buddies.

When there are breakups, chocolates are good for the soul. Now I see the connection.

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