Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A person

I love reading blogs. Not just anybody's blogs. But blogs of my friends or interesting blog such as Kenny Sia and Karen Cheng (in my opinion). Sometimes I feel that I am a bit of a busy body reading blogs, but it is indeed a great way to find out what's up with your friends. Vice versa.

Since 2 days ago when I started reading a particular person's blog, I have this huge urge to stop blogging all together. Reading this blog makes me feel repulsive. I have this fear that someday, my blog will turn like that blog. I swear I would kill myself if it does. I get worried if I am like that too coz I don't ever want to be like this person. I know I should not talk bad about a person, but this is not what I intend to do.

I am just so so curious how can someone could write so much great things about herself. There are self praises written all over. You can easily detect how much this someone is proud of herself. You can also see clearly that this someone loves herself more than anything else. Kinda like some narcissist.

Me me me. All the time. Wow.

Ok, that is not about it that makes me read the blog in disbelief. The stories written about herself are too good to believe. They seem unrealistic and made up. It may be true to every single details but somehow, I am so skeptical and find it hard to believe it is true. Some people totally believe what was said and written. They truly think they are valid facts.

And in person, the stories and self praise never ceased. It is tiring to listen to them but yet I am so amazed each time, leaving me to wonder how can one person think so greatly of herself and have such a life of wonderful grandeur. That confidence and that proudness of oneself. And worse, it kinda demands me to praise and compliment as I listen to the words coming out of this person's mouth.

If what has been said or written was mostly untrue, it makes me wonder still how can one person can weave such stories from day to day, living in them, as if they are real. Is it because they live in a world where made believe has merge to reality? Where the mind fail to distinguish between the reality and dreams? Kinda like Fight Club.

But what if every bit of the stories are true. I will be happy for her. It is a wonderful life, blessed with so many talents, beautiful things and all that a girl want for. Then again, you wonder if they are true, would you still go on and talk about it to everyone. It is now seem like bragging, doesn't it?

I am being judgemental. I am skeptical. I am disbelief. I lack of trust. I know this is bad, sigh!

Despite that, I am really curious to know this person, to understand how does the thought process work and the personality. Interesting person to study.

Maybe there are some truth of what has been said. Better be, or else, that person has serious issues. Or is it just me?


Anonymous said...

Krazie I have no idea who you're talking about... but if I did, I would suspect that this person didn't think very highly of themselves, and felt like they needed to create stories to make themselves look better in the eyes of others... that's usually how it works... anyway, I hope this person doesn't read your blog, cuz she'd likely pretty quickly know who you were talking about... :-P

krazie*angel said...

Hi anonymous,

Frankly, I don't know if this person read my blog.

But if this person is genuinely who is, like the way she potray herself, she will be too confident enough not too realise that it is her.

I must say that this person is friendly, kind and generous despite all the too much self praises. You have to experience this person in order to comment about her. I guess different people will perceive her differently.

To me, this person is a friend, with a very perplexing character.